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A customized fusion of wax inspired by nature. Unique graphic wax fusion using contemporary color combinations with sophisticated top and front graphics with gold metallic accents. Patent pending design.

3-Layer Jars
A trio of fragrances for fragrance blending at it's finest! As each layer blends with the next, consumers will experience their favorite fragrance category with three different yet complimentary scents. Candle-lite’s offering includes all of the most popular edible, fruity, floral and ozonic themes.

Essential Elements
Candle-lite proudly presents essential elements™. essential elements is an exceptional collection of the freshest scents from nature’s gardens presented in classic candle forms and unique home fragrance products. Natural is a life style and today’s consumer is offered a creative selection of eight fragrances containing essential oils.

Willow Lane™
A premium scented candle collection, meticulously crafted in a vegetable wax blend. This brand new collection offers the consumer twenty four exceptional fragrance and color combinations and is proudly manufactured in the heartland of America.

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